Personal Narrative Essay: Martin Luther King's Day?

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I always like to try something different and I have always been interested in events of the past, like 9/11, slaves, everything like that, so my aunt and uncle made that happen. It was Martin Luther King day of service. My cousins didn’t have school because in GA they have the day off to do community service. We had woken up early in order to get to the place we were supposed to get to in order to pick where we wanted to go that day. After we had eaten and gotten dressed, we realized it was very cold outside for Georgia, about 50 degrees. It wasn’t as cold as Iowa, but still cold considering we had wanted to go to Georgia for a vacation and it being warmer. My family who was going, my aunt, uncle, cousin who was five, along with my mom and two sisters, Bridget and Ainsley, walked out the doors, leaving my grandparents,…show more content…
We had finally finished. I stood at the bottom of the hill, and started walking. I ambled up the hill, stopping every once in a while to take a closer look at the graves. Then I walked under a tree branch to the peninsula to see more. These, however were different, they weren’t just a little bump off the ground, they were very worn down and how you imagine graves. The small graves that were about a foot off the ground with a half circle at the top. These ones were much harder to read. After my family finished looking at all of the graves, we walked back up the hill, past the school, and got into our cars. My mom drove my aunt and I back to the house. From there, we talked about our excursion of the day and everything we liked doing, The experience I had experience made me think about if anything important happened to me and I died, would I be treated like this. What was I going to do to make an impact on the world? I was very caught up in sports, family and school, that I didn’t think about doing anything to help the community, state, country or the

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