Dads Are More Fun Than Moms Essay

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Imagine that you’re allowed to go on a day trip, but you can only bring either your mom or dad. Either of your parents would plan the whole trip. Who would you choose to be your companion for this trip? For me, I’d choose my dad, we would probably go somewhere fun with expensive food rather than going to the grocery store with my mom. Growing up, whenever I went out with my dad, I would come home with a handful of small treats and with my mom, I would come home with a handful of lectures about doing my homework or chores. (Pathos) The choice is simple, go out and have fun the whole day or go out to come home to do my homework. That is why, to me, dads are more fun than moms. This is because moms do more of the work while dads do more fun activities of parenting (Belz, 2016). This is where you will read on why dads are more fun than moms.…show more content…
Ghose (2013) wrote that men typically have more tolerance for messes and scrapes and are more willing to let their children pick themselves back up, building the kids' sense of confidence and resilience. (Ethos) Unlike dads, mothers are always ready for even the slightest things such as scraping yourself while playing in the park or falling down from your bike. Mothers would rush to their kids side prepared with a first aid kid and the ambulance on speed dial. Dads will throw their kids in the air & swing them around by their arms, as moms cringe in the corner watching. They are freer with their play & not as cautious. A scraped knee to a father is a lesson not a catastrophe (Pinparent, n.d.). (Ethos) Dads would not breathe down their kids neck every second and would leave them to their own thing allowing their kids to have privacy rather than embarrassing them in front of their

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