Negative Effects Of Human Development

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The environment is where we live and development is what we all do to get a better life, these two are inseparable. There was a huge change in our life today, human life is now much easier than it used to thanks to the human development. However, the more we developed the more we harm the environment. the question is “Is Human development possible without an environmental cost?” We Disagree because of the overpopulation that has a negative impact of the environment such as global climate change and depletion of natural resource. In addition, we can underestimate the effects of environment but we can’t solve it. “By the middle of the century, the United Nations estimates that the world population is likely to increase to more than nine billion, which is equivalent to an extra 200,000 people each day.” (Connor, 2011, para1). The human population has continued to increase and by increasing the in the population the human development will increase through years.…show more content…
Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” (Roosevelt, para12, n.d) In conclusion, human development made people’s life better and easier than it was in the past. Unfortunately, there is some consequence as a result of the human development which is the overpopulation that has a bad influence on environment such as global climate change and depletion of natural resource. However, there are some solution to overcome this issue, people should regulate the use of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides, and they should replace the fuel and factories with some equipment such as solar energy that can be less harmful and reduce the global warming and government should aware the married couple of the impact of over population on environment. In general, all people want a better life without casing a damage on environment and they need to work to solve this issue and to save the enrolment before its too
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