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Have you ever thought about why you’re a social butterfly and love being around people? Or perhaps why you aren’t so social and like to be alone? This is a common thought that people have and never really look into. The names for those feelings are introvert and extrovert. An Introvert is someone who is more reserved and keeps to them selves while an Extrovert is an easy and outgoing person. There are many ways to find out if you’re an Introvert or an Extrovert with a strong analysis of quizzes and research you’ll be able to figure out what you identify as based on a personal understanding of yourself. Extroverts are very outgoing and easy people in general. They are very social butterflies and would talk to a wall if they thought it would…show more content…
I related so closely with being an introvert and so do the people around me which I don’t know if thats a good or bad thing. Being an introvert sometimes to me can have limitations because I am sometimes not happy with changing things up because it messes with my routine and another reason is I love to be alone and when I go out it reminds me how much I miss my bed and the company of my dog. After thinking about what it mean to be an Introvert and Extrovert I realized my mom is both depending on where she is. When she goes out in public and someone will speak to her she’s not afraid to talk to them and carry a conversation while I on the other hand with laugh uncontrollably in anxiousness and make very awkward small talk. My Step Dad on the other hand is quit the opposite of my mother and wont really go out of his way to say hi someone unless they’ve said it to him, but if you’re in line behind him you defiantly could expect him not to say anything at all unless felt as if he was forced to. I personally see both in myself because when I am around someone I am comfortable with I will either talk their ear off or I will just say “mmhmm”. Being an Introvert or Extrovert honestly depends on how you yourself would classify

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