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I think the movie was very accurate to the textbook for the reason that it was so similar that I would have thought that Halie Gerima have made an adaptations of the textbook. It was like I have receive a visual of what I was reading. The theme of sun down and sun up in the movie Sankofa was that we can see slave working in the field or house slave. The slave was cutting or hacked down trees and the overseas was watching them on horse with a whip or gun in there hand. While in the movie we can see women like Nuna taking the responsibilities as midwives and caretakers of the children in the community. Therefore in the textbook on page 162- 163 we can see the some information such as “elderly woman have special responsibilities as nurse,…show more content…
For the character Nuna the psychological effects have made her mental strong, fearless to slavery, to Nuna she was only slave in the flesh but she refused to be affected by white people, which made her to create a gaze that show power. Lastly the psychological effects was how the break apart families and friends sold them. In Sankofa the African American resistance was show when Shanjo want Shola to poison the master and his family food but Shola told him no and told Shanjo that the food that she give him came from the master table. Therefore Shanjo didn’t want to eat the leftover food that shola was trying to give him. Second, Shanjo try to kill one of the white man that was beat Kuta but he fail and Kuta died. So the other slave protect Nuna who have to give her a c- surgery to save the baby life. I thought that Sankota by Haile Gerima was a good education movie that show how important it is for black people to know their past and how they become who they are. I believe this is a must see for everyone regardless of races. Sankota did a good job showing the slave point of view and by showing how wrong slavery was. It’s also give insight in the family unit among slave, which can still be see in today black families in

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