Angel Boligan's Cartoon Analysis

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Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist and philosopher of science, stated, "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." He was afraid of the consequence that advanced technology will have on human. Technology, developed positively by human beings as a step closer to better future, has negative effects on people. Although advanced technologies, such as Internet, cell phones, and cars, are useful as of making life easier and more efficient, they take away important elements of life: thought, communication, and time. The problems of advanced technology are well-portrayed in Angel Boligan's cartoon. First thing that sticks out in the cartoon is the kid staring at the television as if his entire soul has been trapped inside. The kid is sitting alone, isolated from the "real" world. Boligan is trying to explain…show more content…
Kid trapped in a dark room figuratively resembles to people today who don't communicate with others. When people use cellular devices, they tend to form invisible walls around them; they care less about the surroundings, unable to hear what others are saying. I agree with the negative effects of developing technologies implied in Boligan's cartoon because the inventions we created are destroying our way of living. The problem of lacking communication comes closer because I experienced the exact situation. In the carpool on the way to school, I looked around and realized everyone was using their cell phones either texting or looking at Instagram. The fact that no conversation took place is an unfortunate outcome of technological development. After the creation of Internet, a new form of bullying, cyber bullying, emerged among teenagers. By standing behind the screen, the anonymous bully can torment the victim without having to be scared of eyes around he or she. Technology set up invisible wall around the

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