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INTRODUCTION Information Technology (IT) refers to anything related to computing technology, such as networking, hardware, software, the Internet, or the people that work with these technologies. Companies now use IT departments for managing their computers, networks, and other mechanical areas of business. About Afcom According to the CEO/founder of AFCOM SL Limited, Mr Adel Suliman He has overseen the rapid growth and expansion of the company over the years and has placed the company as the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP)”. Afcom was founded to meet the different communications needs of businesses in Sierra Leone. Everything we do is protected by this mission. We recognize that earning the admiration of our customers takes…show more content…
AFCOM SL in one way uses Information Technology to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Its computers are used for emailing, accounting, customer data base, word processing programs, but also have other professional software packages that they use to increase productivity, attract new customers, reduce costs and save the client’s time. Afcom being an ISP also uses computers for monitoring bandwidth, incidences from different communication towers, marketing and advertising, research to help improve (their) business and to communicate effectively with customer. Afcom uses applications such as Outlook to manage business mails, track events and help their employees plan meetings. • How many does it have? Afcom head quarter has five floors with thirty computers- both laptops and desktops, with five additional super computers? Mainframes used for managing the network. . • Who uses them? AFCOM SL has six departments which use computers and these are as follows: Marketing and Sales, Operation and Purchasing, Information technology, production, Human Resource and Finance. Each of these departments is allocated with a set of computers and software packages to enhance their work…show more content…
Having a great idea is not enough to build a great company, says Mr Adel Suliman, CEO of Afcom. It really takes teams of talented people, organized in ways that truly let them shine. They Figure out which team-members should be involved in the brainstorming process based on the problem they are trying to solve. After assembling the right group of people, state the specific problem to solve and allow everyone to give possible solutions and write them down. Conclusion Afcom sl brings together information technology with a strong and experience expertise in technology system. Afcom leads the way in high quality and also distribute good communication, internet to customers across the world. It foundation, workmanship, excellent customer service and hardworking employees has kept them at the top of ISP food chain. Afcom control their expenditure and budget themselves accordingly, prioritising things that help the company grow with also encouraging motivating employees with incentive and

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