Green Tea Procedure

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Procedure: Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl. If you like, you can also include 2 tsp of mint leaf powder or cinnamon food-safe essential oil or few drops of peppermint to the better taste of the tooth powder. After that, store your home-made tooth powder in a sealed jar and apply it to your teeth using your toothbrush or finger two to three times a day. c. Rinse your mouth using the green tea few times daily Green tea has properties that can aid in removing the white spots on teeth. This tea is a vitamin- and mineral-rich food that can aid your teeth to re-mineralize. Green tea can also help in preventing the developing of plaques because it has antibacterial catechins and also a great fluoride source. To prepare green tea: Ingredients: 1 bag of green tea leaves…show more content…
of organic coconut oil or sesame oil Procedure: Take approximately 1-2 tbsp. of organic coconut oil or sesame oil in to your mouth. Let the oil stay around your mouth for about 1-2 minutes. As you get used to oil pulling, if you can, systematically increase the time for about 20 minutes. After that, spit the essential oil out and rinse your mouth with warm water. After oil pulling, brush your teeth by using the re-mineralizing tooth powder or toothpaste. e. The application of lemon juice to the teeth We did not know that some products that we can buy on over-the-counter can ruin our teeth. These items have bleach and other chemicals that change the color of the enamel of our teeth and later on, weaken it. Procedure: Dip a cotton ball into the lemon juice that is freshly squeezed and apply it to your teeth. This is the best and safe way to remove white spots on teeth because the ingredient which is a lemon juice is natural. 1. Seek help from your Dentist to get rid of your teeth’s white spots a. Let your teeth to be bleached professionally The dentist can take a look at the white spots and decide if bleaching can help and if it is safe based on the enamel’s

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