Essay On Impact Of Internet On Youth Culture

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Impact of Internet on the youth culture in contemporary Kazakhstan. Introduction Can you imagine your life without the Internet? With music only on CDs, without any social networks, YouTube, iTunes and many other things that were created by the Internet. Internet has a profound influence on youth culture. Scholars are debating the impact of the Internet on the youth activities and social relationships. I will briefly examine the sources of debate regarding the role of the Internet on youth culture. It is interesting how the Internet creates a new way of communication and social interaction. My main concern is that how Internet creates digital spaces for social interaction, consumptions, identity and skills."Youth are described as having created a bedroom, culture that facilitates their media consumption without…show more content…
There are positive and also negative consequences of this. The main purpose of the research is to identify advantages and disadvantages of Internet. • Do teenagers realize that Internet has a huge impact on them? • What can be done to prevent possible problems regarding Internet's negative influences? The research results will be used to investigate how teenagers are influenced by Internet. These outcomes will also be used to help them to use Internet properly in terms of not overusing social networks to prevent asociality which may appear because of lack of real communication with people. I would like to create a web-site where will be results of my research and information about how to use Internet properly. Methods In my research I will use both primary and secondary types of sources to get more reliable data and to make my work more precise. As a secondary source for the research I will use Internet, since the topic of my research is related to Internet and it is kind of new issue and there is not enough information in a library. Primary sources are survey on SurveyMonkey, another one is an

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