Negative Effects Of Child Marketing

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Our youth have been affected by child marketing for years, yet adults continue to let it pass by, without considering the effect it has. This utilization of the wonderful creation we call television needs to end. It has existed since the nineteenth century and big companies are still taking advantage of children, since they aren’t a very difficult target. After scrutinizing child marketing, it is obvious that it has a harmful effect on our children. With every passing year they are bombarded with ads that reinforce gender stereotypes, manipulate their opinions, and take advantage of them. Child marketing has many consequences that negatively affect our youngsters. Child marketing can cause childhood obesity. Making things “bright and colorful”…show more content…
Child marketing has a strong grip on the “television economy”. According to Christine Lagario, eight to twelve year olds spend $30 billion of their own money, and influence $130 billion of their parents. With more and more children being born every single day, these numbers are going to soar. “Marketing also encourages eating disorders, precocious sexuality, youth violence and family stress and contributes to children’s diminished capability to play creatively” (“Marketing to Children Overview”). When I was younger, I can’t remember having an imaginary friend, or an alternate universe of my own, and part of that can be blamed on the Lego company, for persuading me with their products. Big companies like Target and Walmart enforce these thoughts, teaching our children that they need toys to have fun. With the billions that child marketing brings in each year, it would be difficult for these corporations to quit milking the cash…show more content…
The CCFC states that very young children are incapable of distinguishing between commercials and program content. They also state that older children often have trouble detecting product placement. Every company markets their product in a manner that will make you seem much better if you are to own their product, and since children always want to fit in, they are far more susceptible. Going off of what was previously stated, the average child is exposed to nearly 25,000 ads every year of their life. Meaning that they are taken advantage nearly every single day! Many corporations are blinded by greed, and will do anything to get their money, without considering the

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