Greeting Culture

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Communities who live in this world have their own norm and culture to show their identity which makes them different to others. One of the communities which still use original culture in Indonesia is Baduy Dalam community who lives in Banten, Indonesia. This research is conducted in order to know the deep information about the greeting language which is used by them. Method which is applied in this study is descriptive qualitative by using sociolinguistics approach. Data got from the field by interviewing some people in Baduy Dalam. The results showed that (1) the usual greeting used as ‘salam’ for Baduy Dalam to show familiarity and politeness among other such as, Tabe’ pun ka girang? which means ‘excuse’ in English or by saying ‘Maap bae’…show more content…
In sociolinguistics studies, the greeting is one form of linguistic marker that is very influential on the use of language, especially in terms of the use of the greeting words used by women and men, Agus (2014: 2). Chaer (2010: 107) says that the word greeting is the word used to greet, admonishes the person who is invited to speak. According to Soegono et al. in Agus (2014: 3), the greeting is an invitation to speak; reprimand;…show more content…
The study by Maysa'a Kadhim Jibreen (2010) indicates that greeting is one type of expressive speech act that reflects the psychological state of the speaker specified in the propositional content. Nuraidar Agus (2014) shows that the greeting is one form of linguistic marker serves as a marker of the power of an illusion or an interpreter of language politeness. Hamidreza (2014) focus on the socio-cultural aspects of conversation, the present study focuses on politeness strategies in conversation exchanges in the Council for dispute settlement in Esfahan, Iran. Marina Ryabova (2015) focused on the culture of contemporaneity presents itself through various concepts and discourses that constitute the category of everyday life, which they reveal and portray. Yuting Mu (2015) focused on politeness is reflected in languages. Movie review is a typical form of writing that reflects people’s application of politeness strategies consciously or unconsciously. Waffa Qahtan (2010) focused on the impact of gender on the linguistic politeness, especially acts threatening the interlocutor's face (FTAs) such as requests, offers, orders. Shahrzad Eshghinejad and M. Raouf Moini (2016) discussed about one aspect of short message service (SMS) communication through a cell phone is use of politeness

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