Eating Disorders Research Paper

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Eating Disorder is a psychological disease when a person, male or female (mostly females) reduces the amount of food significantly by starving themselves. Women dream about being a beautiful model because they see gorgeous women on commercials, billboards, movies and even in magazines that are thin, pretty, and beautiful. The women look at themselves in the mirror and say: I want to be like the models in the commercials, magazines & movies. When a woman with low self-esteem looks in the mirror, they become obsessive to look that like the woman in the magazine or on commercial/ movie. Teenagers are having more of a threat feeling towards these beautiful models because the teenagers are young and not experienced and as they grow and become…show more content…
The most problem teenagers deal with are eating disorders, lack of self-esteem and weight issues. What these teenagers don’t realize is that every woman is beautiful inside and out. Everyone is born different and it’s the inner woman that brings out the best and reflects a beautiful woman on the outside. An eating disorder is a serious health issue among women in today’s society. “…10 million Americans report symptoms of an eating disorder anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, according to the National Association of Eating Disorders (Novotney, 2009).” Millions of people struggle with eating disorders every year. Eating disorders, like anorexia, have awful side effects such as fatigue, weight loss, fluid retention, sore throat and vomiting. There was a research study on eating disorders by Patterson on new eating disorders in adolescence. He took samples of students between the ages of 14-15 from 44 secondary schools in the state of Victoria, Australia. Patterson was measuring the outcome of…show more content…
When we women feel down about themselves it’s because they look at magazines, commercials and movies and see skinny beautiful women with no blemishes, beautiful makeup, hair, clothes and smile. Women look at these magazines, commercials and movies and say: I want to be like her… I want what she has... She is so gorgeous! What women don’t realize is that every woman is beautiful inside and out. We are born in different way such as personalities, looks and figures. You cannot determine or set a goal to look like someone. A woman should be who she is because that is what makes them unique. When a woman compares themselves to other woman, they feel as they have to compete by their physical looks. According to Lirgg, she suggested that “females may display less confidence than males in only three situations… (Lirgg,1991)”. The three Lirgg suggested why females lack confidence is because: when the task is male oriented, when situations are competitive or comparative and feedback is alternative. There was not enough research to Lirgg’s claims so, to test Lirgg hypothesis, meta-analysis was made for the purpose to provide answers to the questions Lirgg made to pertain to sports and physical activity. 1. Do males generally display more confidence than females? 2. If so, how large is the difference? 3. Do tasks that have a male orientation contribute to larger confidence? differences? 4. Does performing in a competitive situation

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