European Imperialism In Africa In The 20th Century

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With the wealth of the Industrial Revolution Europe was ready to expand their empires to Africa. The desire for their expansion was motivated by many things. to industrialize their need for raw material in new markets fuel donations to travel outside their own borders in search of cheap labor people to sell the goods to as well as natural resources to exploit. nationalism caused many nations to compete with each other attempting to control more territory and resources. this imperialism lead to economic exploitation. The wealth transferred from Africa to Europe leaving the continent far behind wealth and industrialized nations. The loss of Baltimore all material kept away many African nations from industrializing leaving them farther behind…show more content…
europeans believe that their culture was superior to the Africans. europeans felt they had the right to rule over the uncivilized areas of Africawhich is seen on the palm white man's burden which explains that Europeans should engage in imperialism because without your pain influence and I forgot the Africans would be left to their own savagery. in the article confessions of faith, a British imperialist says, "... we are the finest race in the world, and the more of the world we inhabit, the bandit is for the human race." this is self is a great example of a system of ideas and ideals that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy also known as ideology. do Europeans treated the Africans as…show more content…
Nationalism and growing power spurred countries to compete with each other for supremacy. In the article Imperialism in World Politics by Parker T. Moore it says, "Military and they will leaders believe strongly in extending the white man's rule over the inferior races." Europeans imperialized Africa in order to make themselves seem more powerful to other countries and be more superior to them. The desire to control African and African territories made them ensure axis for the navies and armies around the world. The expansion of territory gave them a sense of prestige and national

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