Nationalism And Ethnicity

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The concepts, issues and events which effect the relations between the states and which shape the international environment are always taken into account in international relations. Nationalism and ethnicity holds a primary significance since ancient times. If we talk about human being than it would be just to say that nationalism in human nature was inborn and inherited concept, its initial presence is never doubted but when did it actually got transparent or was reflected is question. Well, the concept traces its roots in 1648 when the idea of “NATION-STATES” was emerged and various revolutions occurred in the history of the world. Ethnicity and nationalism are closely linked to each other. It is evident that ethnicity plays a significant…show more content…
Anthony D. Smith and Ernest Gellner are the scholars who contribute to the clarification of these concepts. We need to jot down the nexus between nationalism and ethnicity? How they are linked, their relationship? Above mentioned authors have done a worth-mentioning contribution to the theories of nationalism and ethnicity? My analysis will not be on ethnic issues due to nationalism or the reasons behind these conflicts but rather it will compare the work of Smith and Gellner. In the end I would conclude that Smith’s work is more applicable to the contemporary issues as compare to that of Gellner. The basic aim of my paper is to see that how ethnicity is linked to nationalism. There are many flaws and faults in Gellner’s work which will also be highlighted in the…show more content…
Members should be clear about their ethnicities. This is how Smith defined a ethnic community. He said ethnicity is persistent and long lasting and that it can’t be eliminated easily. Even if people migrate to diverse territories they will have affiliations to the ethnic group to which they once belong, it is very hard to solely eliminate the ethnicities but in my point of view ethnicities do diminish when it comes to self-interest whether We have examples in history which support his argument as what as done to the Jews and gypsies by the Nazi. If we evaluate Smith’s idea of ethnicity then we can say that, it is authentic, convincing and logical. If we trace out the history there are numerous examples. In USA there were many Jewish and Greek lobbies whose identities were solid and rigid. They were not physically present in their respective territories but there affiliations and loyalties were with their ethnic

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