World War 1 Causes

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In late 19th and early 20th century, a four-years-long World War One brought a disaster to the whole world, and reshaped political and economic pattern in countries. When capitalist countries develop, they could not reach the balance of interest. Conflicts among new and old colonists were intensified and spread, then the war broke out because countries want to redivide the world and seek for the hegemony. In short, the competition among European countries, the raise of Imperialism and nationalism, and the formation of military alliance triggered the very first global war in 1914. First and foremost, the main and root cause of World War One is the competition among European Imperialism countries and global imbalance of power. Since the Industrialization…show more content…
For example, in the early 19th century, Napoleon’s intrusion in Germany brought a unprecedented sense of humiliation to Germany people, and inspired patriotism. ”...I have envied the Italians that they succeed in what seemed for us to lie only in the distant future...There is something wonderful about this spirit that animated little Prussia...”,said byRoudolf von Ihering. However, the morbid patriotism evolved into extreme Nationalism and exacerbated extension among countries.The Franco-Prussian Waronce again, intensified the tension between these two countries. Additionally, Racism, the disdain, hatred and rejection that expressed in words and actions, is a factor of World War One as well. Racial discrimination started at European capitalism colonization era and reached its climax as the act of Apartheid, and there was no doubt that Racism helped Europeans justified their actions in colonies :”Superior races have rights over inferior faces..., because they have a civilize those inferior races.” ,cited from Jules Berry’s speech. So called “inferior races” includes not only African and Asian people, but also Jews. Finally, allies, triple alliance(Italy,Germany and Austria-Hungry) and triple entente(England, France, and Russia), formed according to countries own interest, and the death of the heir of Austria-Hungry became the last straw that breaks the camel's back—the global war
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