Civil War Reconstruction Research Paper

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Civil War’s reconstruction for America was one of the hardest things Americans had to go through. There are many ways Americans had to reconstruct their society, some examples include, reconstructing emotionally, socially accepting the African-American’s into society, and dealing with the Ku Klux Klan. Just these three examples will show as to how many Americans had to go through at this hard time. Citizens had a lot of emotional pain from the Civil War. Whether it had been their loved ones dying in war, the southern states conceding or the suffering of the African-Americans. The Civil War was the war where America has the most casualties. This was because the war was Americans against Americans, the Confederates and the Union fighting as if they hadn’t just all been a country just now. As the war began, the southern states had conceded from the northern states and the southerners had made their own country. The African-Americans after the war was now without a place to live and not really anyone that wants to take care of them. If you weren’t emotionally hurt after the war your certainately wasn’t human.…show more content…
The suffering of the slaves was unreal, now since that they are free the southerners are still trying to keep them in the south to work for them and trick them with contracts since they can’t read or write. The now free’d men were signing these ridiculous unfair contracts. These contracts were meant to trap the “free’d” men to work with their owners forever whilst, still having terrible living conditions. Meanwhile, the people in the north who attempted to actually help out these now free’d slaves couldn’t because the southerners didn’t let the slaves leave town, if they were trying to leave the slaves would be whipped

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