Comparing Act 5 Of William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Going into this play I didn’t know what to expect myself to enjoy it. I thought it was going to be boring and something that I just had to sit through during class. On Thursday I went to the play “Experimental Relief.” I was sitting in the same exact spot I sit in during class; in the center seats on the left side of the performers. There was plenty of lights on the audience but the stage was pretty dark. There were different light colors on the stage. There were really not a huge mix group of people. Most people seemed as though they were around the ages of 18 to about 23. I did see about 7 or 8 elder people in the theater. There was also jolly music playing in the background so I automatically knew that it wasn’t something scary, serious, or even sad. Out of the six acts, there was one that stood out to me the most. That was act number four. I loved how the witch had a chant that she always said. “Double double…… boiling trouble.” I thought that was very catchy. It seemed as though when act four was on everyone laughed the most. I also liked the part when Romeo came out. I thought it seemed like a Romeo and Juliet…show more content…
Only problem I had with act two it made me feel a little unconformable. Only reason I felt uncomfortable was because they were doing a lot of cursing and provocative word. That made me feel that way because I could see how one elder lady didn’t really like how much they were cursing. At one point I said, “Why they keep cursing like at in front of these old people?!” Other than that I liked it. I thought it was kind of weird how the girl wanted her best friend to have sex with her husband and said she would pay her to do it. The friend thought that the husband may emotionally get attached to her if she did it. The wife thought that that could never happen and kept rubbing that in her friend’s face. That then upset the friend and her entire attitude changed! She got very aggressive told her friend she’ll do it and then walked

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