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Political Liberalism (Critical Analysis) Submitted to: Submitted by: Prof. Dr. Hammad Lakhvi Hamraa Roll No. 02 Session: 2016-18 Class: M.Phil in Islamic Studies INSTITUE OF ISLAMIC STUDIES QUAID-E-AZAM CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF THE PUNJAB LAHORE Political liberalism (A review to the book) Introduction  Title:  The title of the book is “Political Liberalism”  Authored by:  Political liberalism is penned by john Rawls.  Edition:  Political liberalism first edition came in its expanded edition of 2005 is also available. This addition comprises an added introduction, an idea of public reason revisited and an index too.…show more content…
And it comprises nine lectures of john Rawls in all. He delivered those lectures different occasions through his life journey.  Publisher:  Political liberalism was published by Colombia University Press, publishers since 1983.  Dedication:  John Rawls dedicated this work which is in form of his highly possessed lectures to ANNE, LEE, ALEC, and LIZ.  Author’s biography: His full name was John Bordley Rawls. He was born February 21, 1921 in Baltimore Maryland. He is regarded one of the great modern political, social thinker and philosopher of 20th century. He was on the second number of his siblings. The tragic event of Rawls life was the loss of his brothers in their childhood. Rawls went to school at the age of six. He completed his bachelor of arts in 1943. Rawls served army during World War 2. After his military service Rawls became atheist. Rawls got married in 1949. He did his PhD in 1950. His notable ideas include • A theory of justice • The original position • Veil of ignorance • Reflective equilibrium • Principles of justice • Political liberalism • The law of peoples • Justice as fairness • Overlapping…show more content…
This idea should also fulfill the needs of the citizens. Goods should produce on the principles of justice so that each person could be able to enjoy the facilities on the equal basis.  The sixth lecture delivered by john Rawls is totally covers the idea of public reason. In accordance to that the notable author tried to sum up all the variables of public reason. He discussed its content, apparent difficulties and limits respectively.  The seventh lecture meets with the thorough discussion of justice as basic structure of society. Rawls proved his point of view by continuous and arranged description of various angles of justice.  The next lecture which is on eighth of number describes the basic liberties and their priorities. In this chapter Rawls is fully convinced that if there is the rule of justice in a society then aim of basic liberties can fully be utilized.  The ninth lecture is very vital and considerable because it talks about multiple subjects like overlapping consensus, roots of liberties and conclusion of the

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