Art Reflection: Art, Art And Art

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1. INTRODUCTION If we see our passage on earth as a theatrical play, what snapshots of our experiences would we wish to share with our contemporaries? At the core of this class is the desire to go deep within ourselves and explore how we can artistically and critically materialize the intimate relationship between our body/mind and the arts. Some of the situated questions we will raise are, for example: What aesthetic principles underlie and inform our practices? How do we see the boundaries between Design, Art, Photography and our lives? What is our relation to light, darkness, and color? How do we acknowledge our construction of reality through our senses and lenses? Through diverse subjects centered around Body / Mind (self-portrait, the bare body, a surreal moment, metamorphosis,…show more content…
16. FINAL AND GRADES -I will go over one’s own self-grading each week in the four categories outlined further. -Final grade will be an average of all these four categories; you may eventually redo the main weekly photo project and I will change your grades if earned. Just be aware that I absolutely do not recommend to redo a project; the pace is fast and you’ll scarcely have time to redo anything unless you are taking less than 10 units, perhaps. I will balance the final grade with your participation, efforts to produce oral critical comments during the class, written critical written comments collected after class, as well as a three-ring binder assembling the sum of all your research, your photo trials, and all your sketches for each project. -At the end of the semester, we will display all of our work in the downstairs lobby for a rehearsal and a final critique with possibly a number of guests. Such an exhibition may also influence your

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