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Many texts, both ancient and modern, explore the possibilities of living forever. The Epic of Gilgamesh is just one of the stories examining this theory. Furthermore, the difference between this story and the others is the fact that this epic is the first known surviving text of any narrative ever. The Gilgamesh tablets discuss many such issues pertinent to much of today’s population: what is the meaning of life? How will I be remembered? This topic is still explored today through many popular mediums such as graphic novels and in the film industry. Additionally the immortal question is studied in some scientific industries, to the disdain of some of the more theologically minded, with the advent of cloning systemic cell systems. The focus…show more content…
Immortality is without doubt the overarching theme throughout in the Gilgamesh tale. This is clearly shown on tablet II, with the statement ‘an eternal name I will make for myself!’ (Foster, 2001, p. 20). Gilgamesh believed by dying during battle with Humbaba; guardian of the Cedar Forest from all human ravages; a he would be seen as heroic by his people. Moreover he would be forever identified as a worthy leader who died protecting his people, [and] wipe out [something evil from the land], (Foster, 2001, p. 18). By willingly dying he would therefore create for himself a memorable…show more content…
This is shown both within each individual and through the physical superiority of kings of the cities in the country. The people can talk openly to the gods. The gods are part of the family dynamics as shown by the simple fact that Gilgamesh spoke openly to his mother Ninsun the ‘wild cow’. (Tablet I. lines 245-290)) This duality of nature therefore encompassed both the human and divine shortcomings such as vengefulness and irascibility. Gilgamesh’s superior strength and stature (tablet I, Lines 55 -60) however surpassed all other rulers of the time. Moreover, Gilgamesh’s story is also very much a human narrative and begins with Gilgamesh’s own genesis. Gilgamesh’s journey is a story of understanding one’s own limitations, both in life and in death, because although Gilgamesh was in part divine he was also part human and as such would experience grief, joy and inevitably, as all humanity does, death

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