Narrative Essay About Dream Boy

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For as long as I could remember I would falsely claim to have a crush on the 4th grade “dream boy.” I felt out extremely out of place, because I didn’t have any sort of attraction for boys but instead for girls. I thought everyone felt like this, yet it was never spoken of between my peers. Since it was never spoken of I never mentioned it to anyone I knew. Then when I entered Pennsauken Intermediate School I had my first experience with the word “gay.” It was used in such a negative connotation. Boys would use it to insult one another. I was so curious about what “gay” meant, so I decided to ask my friend, Aaron, about it. He uncomfortably answered “It’s kinda like when a boy likes a boy or a girl likes a girl… it’s mostly used as an insult…show more content…
I finally had an answer for the way I was feeling toward the same sex. School went painfully slow for me. I couldn’t avoid contemplating about the possibility of me being gay. SKRRREEEK! The bus doors rapidly swung open. I rushed down the street and into the cement stairs that laid in front of my house. I fidgeted with my keys until I got my hands on the right one. As I opened the door, I slammed the door behind me and bolted down the hallway. I barged into my own room and plopped on the frigid wooden floor. I violently ripped my iPhone 4 off its charger. I quickly tapped the Google icon since it was my default search engine. I anxiously pounded on three letters when my keyboard appeared. Those letters spelled out the word “gay.” I probably read online articles for the rest of the day. In the beginning of my extensive read I couldn’t stop smiling. My grin was starting to hurt, because I’ve been smiling for almost 2 hours. There were people out there facing the same issue as me! Soon after, I discovered being gay wasn’t so glorious as the first initial articles made it out to be. I came across countless of homophobes writing articles on why being gay is a sin. It was clearly against the bible— and I was raised in a highly religious

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