Automated Vehicle Pollution

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Automated Vehicle Pollutants Monitoring System using GSM S.Ramya Assisstant Professor,Department of ECE, P A College Of Engineering and Technology Abstract— Every vehicle contributes to some amount of pollution, but the problem occurs when the emission is beyond the standardized values. The main reason for the breach in the emission level occurs due to the incomplete combustion of fuel supplied to the engine which in turn happens because vehicles are not maintained properly .This emission from vehicles cannot be completely avoided, but it definitely can be controlled by taking appropriate steps . The objective of this paper is to monitor air pollution on roads and track vehicles which cause air pollution over a specified…show more content…
Air pollutants from taxies, cars and buses result in the damage of ground level ozone and other respiratory problem like asthma attacks may even cause asthma attacks. Nearly 50 percent of carbon monoxide in the air is due to Transportation. The air pollution may be responsible to Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and rise the risk of cancer. The probability of the people's health in the large metropolitan cities affected due to pollution from cars and trucks can is very high .One of the primary reasons for air pollution is emission of polluting gases from vehicles which is responsible for 70% of the total air pollution in the metropolitan cities like Calcutta, Mumbai, and Delhi. In today’s scenario with the development of urban areas, there is thought of concern for the simultaneous increase in the pollution levels with the increased use of motored vehicles for transportation. The major source of pollution in cities is due to vehicles. The increase in use of vehicles in cities results in vital increase in the emission load of various toxins into air. As a result increase in environmental problems which will affect the human health in urban places. At present, the Indian Pollution control board has made the fitness certificate as compulsory for public and commercial vehicles once in a year to control the pollution. Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate for every three months is mandatory for all group vehicles from the date of registration. In order to bring the air pollution under control, the amount of air pollution needs to be monitored constantly and vehicles responsible for pollution should be identified. Thus an effective yet economically viable solution to this problem is to monitor the pollution is being proposed. The concept revolves around the use of gas sensors being fitted to the motored vehicles which are the very source of

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