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How many times have you ever heard of a military leader that became the emperor of a country. The answer is probably none because it is not such a natural occurrence, but for a man by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte this was the case. Napoleon was able to rise from obscurity to the height of power. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica France in 1769. He was so smart in the art of war because he started military school at the age of nine. In 1804 Napoleon crowns himself as emperor of France. Napoleon made many lasting changes when he was in power of France. When Napoleon Bonaparte was in control of the France army he won many wars. Not only did his troops love him for being such a great leader, all of France loved him for making peace in the country. Even though napoleon was doing so well with the wars he didn't succeed to win the Battle of the Nile. To cover up his loss he left his troops and went back to France to make sure that the word doesn't get around that he lost. When he got back the directory was weak an unpopular in France so Napoleon thought that this would be the perfect time to take control of France into his own hands.…show more content…
Another reason that it was going to be easy for France to accept Napoleon as their leader even after they overthrew their king was because they were sick of the Revolution and constant warfare and they wanted the order that Napoleon promised them. So in November of 1799 Napoleons armed forces surrounded the Directory and forced the members to turn over the government to Napoleon. This is known as a coup d'état because a small group took power from a bigger group. When napoleon was being crowned king from the pope he didn't allow the pope to put the crown on his head, he took it and put it on his own head. The showed that nobody could tell Napoleon how to rule but

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