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Grace Stoneman Dr. Levin World History 15 December, 2015 Napoleon Bonaparte: Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte was a natural-born leader, which helped him become Emperor of France. During Napoleon’s time as emperor, he managed to conquer most of Europe. Even though Napoleon might not have been everyone’s favorite emperor, he still had a positive impact on Europe and the rest of the world. Some of his military tactics are still studied in modern-day military schools. Even French Revolutions that took place after he died, followed some of the political changes he set in place, like religious tolerance and more equal rights for the poor. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the Mediterranean island Corsica on August 15, 1769, but Napoleon…show more content…
While Napoleon was First Consul, France had many conflicts with various European nations called the Napoleonic Wars. To help raise funds for war supplies, Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory for 3¢ an acre to the United States of America, which doubled the size of the United States. He received $15 million from the Louisiana Purchase. Napoleon did manage to make peace with Britain in 1802 by having France and Britain signed the Treaty of Amiens. Although Britain would later break the treaty in 1803 by declaring war on France. 3During December 1804, Napoleon was elected as Emperor of France and in May 1805 he was crowned King of Italy. Then in 1805 Napoleon managed to defeat the Austrians and Russians. This ended the Holy Roman Empire and he created the Confederation of the Rhine. The confederation was a union made up of 16 German states. In 1806 Napoleon wanted to start an economic warfare against Great Britain because he knew that the French army was not strong enough to beat Britain’s. So he created the Continental System of Europe to block British Trade. This cut off all British trade access to all of Napoleon’s conquests and allies. The czar of Russia, Alexander the I, started to trade with Britain again since not trading with them…show more content…
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