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6. In my opinion, Napoleon Bonaparte was the creator opposed to the creation of his time. Bonaparte didn't just create a successful empire along with many laws and systems that still help shape France into the country it is today. Napoleon Bonaparte created a huge footprint in history, a footprint that generations from now will still continue to admire and learn from. From the beginning of his military career, he showed that even though he was a poor solider, but he exceeded when it came to artillery. His exceptional ability didn't go unnoticed, and he was soon given the opportunity to be a leader, and create a legacy of many successes. In October of 1796, Bonaparte was given the chance to show if he was really a successful leader. When royalists…show more content…
That piece of history quickly grew when Bonaparte had multiple successes on the battle field with very little disappointments. In 1799, the Directory lost control of political situations and the trust of the people of France. With such a great reputation, Bonaparte quickly took action in politics. This meant a new start for the politics of the France. With a new start in the future, lawmakers established a group of three consuls, Bonaparte was soon announced the first consul. Being named first consul gave Bonaparte the power of a dictator. As Bonaparte was the leader of France, he had a target on his back with Britain, Austria, and Russia all having one goal, to drive Napoleon Bonaparte out of power. Bonaparte's exquisite combat didn't disappoint by 1802 all three countries signed peace treaties with France. For the first time in ten years, Europe was at peace. This enabled Napoleon more time to focus on restoring and creating a new, stronger form of France. This is yet another example of why he wasn't a creation of his time, he refused to go back to the old ways of Henry XVI, he had chosen a path to incorporate the news ways of the Revolution to become more successful. He supported laws that strengthened the central government, while achieving some of the goals of the…show more content…
He also took steps to make a change in the area of corruption and inefficiency in government. He dismissed corrupt officials, to provide the government with trained officials, and set up government-run public schools, these schools were open to men of all backgrounds. Napoleon Bonaparte wasn't just creating change for adults at the time, he was creating a future for the children. Bonaparte definitely knew how to gain support from all areas, he established a new relationship between church and state. This move created a new way that people of all beliefs could conspire on one issue. Napoleon believed that his greatest creation was the Napoleonic Code, a set of unified laws, that eliminated many injustice. One man's greatest can be seen as a disappointment to others. Many people felt the restriction of these laws and questioned some of the ways of Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor of France in 1804. Some people viewed Napoleon's intentions to rule Europe as greed, but he viewed it as a way to create a name for himself, which would be known among all the world, which he did. As mentioned earlier, Bonaparte had many successes, but with successes came losses, and the expedition to take over Saint Domingue was one of

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