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Stephanie Quinones Contingent upon one’s perspective, Napoleon Bonaparte may be seen as a hero or a villain, nevertheless leaving behind a lasting and irrefutable legacy. He was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica to an Italian noble family. He attended the military school of Brienne-le-Château, and furthermore went on to a prestigious military academy in Paris. When graduating from École Militaire in 1785, he became an artillery lieutenant of the French army ( From this point forward, Napoleon would rise to power through ranked promotions as he demonstrated exquisite military tactics that were recognized and commended. During the French Revolution, his actions at the Seige of Toulon gained him the promotion to a Brigadier General.…show more content…
He planned on crippling Britain’s economy by putting a blockade on their trade with India, so he invaded Egypt. In 1799, the coup of 18 Brumaire and Napoleon Bonaparte overthrew the Directory and replaced it with the French Consulate (Wilde, R.). During this process Napoleon Bonparate became the First Consul of France, which appointed him to significant power. A few years later in 1804, he crowned himself Emperor solidifying his absolute power. Napoleon Bonaparte is undoubtedly considered a hero to most French people for his numerous great accomplishments. Impeccable military skills enabled him to successfully conquer vast amounts of land throughout the European region, which consequently gave French people great pride in their country. He modernized France through policies that shaped lawmaking, promoted education, literature, science, and art ( He also rebuilt the basic infrastructure of the city of Paris such as the buildings and streets. The establishment of the Bank of France with his endorsement of gold and silver allowed for economic security of…show more content…
He ruled as an absolute dictator and initiated relentless warfare that took the lives of millions of soldiers. He used strategy, commanding skills, and determination to earn a prestigious name for himself. His persistent desire to dominate Europe lead him to conquer land which he gained respected for, while also causing a great deal of anger because of the amount of lives that were being lost during his pursuit. Under his ruling, France was in a constant state of war while he attempted to attain as much territory as possible, which ultimately strengthened France’s worldly position in Western Europe. He put immediate or direct family members in control of the territories that he victoriously conquered to maintain power in that region. Although he arranged a government based on liberty, equality and fraternity for the people, he denied them the right of speech or voice in politics

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