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When speaking of influential historical figures, there are many people that come to mind. Hippocrates, Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Christopher Columbus, and George Washington are just a few well-recognized people throughout history. The man I intend to talk to you about today is Napoleon Bonaparte. This is a man that reshaped Europe in many ways. Napoleon used war and politics to take over and crown himself emperor. It isn’t too far fetched to say Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most influential men in Europe during the late 1700s to early 1800s. He was born in Ajaccio, France on August 15, 1769. By the age of only nine he was sent to military school to study. At 16 he graduated and joined the French side of the French revolution as an…show more content…
By just the age of 26 he controlled the entire French army. This should give you an idea of how Napoleon was. I believe that because of the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte and many citizens overthrew the government so he could later expand France’s territory, set up the Bank of France, and create many new economical, social, and political reforms. Even though he took away some of the people’s rights, he may have been one of the most influential and greatest leaders of all time. He also left a legacy that continues to this day with the Napoleonic codes and many reforms he made. Many people would try and fail to follow in his footsteps giving Napoleon Bonaparte a very distinguishable legacy that influenced many people to do some great, and not-so-great, things. Napoleon Bonaparte influenced all of Europe as the first…show more content…
He was known by his enemies as a tyrant and in a way he was. In the later years, Napoleon would fight just for the sake of fighting. He would keep finding new reasons to rage war against somebody. He was very clever but in an evil way. He knew just how to obliterate his enemies. In one instance several of his troops got severely sick at Jaffa. Napoleon had the brilliant idea of giving each soldier who was too sick to carry on a lethal dose of laudanum. It has also been said that Napoleon took away many of the people’s natural born

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