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The Relationship between Mybrain15 scholarship and Students Success: A Study on Public University in Kuala Lumpur INTRODUCTION The Mybrain15 scholarship has been providing for those who are pursuing postgraduate studies by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). This significant plan is implemented under the National Higher Education strategic plan with the motive to increase the number of highly knowledgeable human capitals for the purpose of enhancing in research, development and innovation. Implementationof Mybrain15 scholarship is to engage the postgraduate studies by involving the range of learning experiences. Through, the implementation of Mybrain15 scholarship it’s enhancing the opportunities to increase student’s population and to…show more content…
In addition, the study shows the how Mybrain15 scholarship could contributes in postgraduate studies and success of students who graduated. Mainly, it enhancing students to enrol their postgraduate studies as to maximize the scholarship opportunity and to increase their potential to access in a higher education. Literature Review In essence, the research shows that highly skilled of student’s engagement of academy studies by demonstrating their scholarship abilities with publication, applied research and industry and civic relation building (O’Meara 2010). Nonetheless, Mybrain15 scholarship is an advantage for students by paying less of course fees of studies and the prospect of significant load indebtedness (Long & Riley, 2007). According to Lin and Cranton (2005) claiming that the growing of postgraduate studies increase when there is beneficiation funding program provided by government sector. Typically, a study on scholarship found that the purpose of scholarship is increase the postgraduate studies with the significant of student’s ability the contribution of scholarship plays a role on it (Clark…show more content…
This study use non experimental design to investigate the relationship between Mybrain15 scholarship and Student Success. It’s shows how Mybrain15 scholarships contribute for students in their studies and student’ssuccess which means the study shows the increases of number of graduate students in university. Sampling The respondents for this study are public university students in Kuala Lumpur. There are about 1000 students studying masters and PhD level under Mybrain15 scholarship in university in Malaysia. From them 278 students choose randomly to collect the data for the study. Data refer from the sample size determination using Krejcie and Morgon table. Instrument In the terms of quantitative analysis, the data will be collected through survey questionnaire distributed to university students. Questionnaire is a tool to collect the data. Self questionnaire self questionnaire will be use to develop the study. The questionnaire will be collect on that day as it’s distributed to students face to face. The survey questionnaire will be evaluating base on Likert and categorical scaling were used. The survey questionnaire is to ensure the validity and reliability of

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