My Long-Term Internshipment

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My short-term goal is to find an internship for this summer. I am a spring admit, so I have passed the recruiting season. Therefore, I need to try harder to get an internship. I am taking BUAD 307 which is a marketing class. I think this class is helpful for me to apply for an internship in a marketing field because I can learn how to make a good advertisement or analyze what's bad about an advertisement. Furthermore, I can learn so many marketing skills. My long-term goal which is to be an entrepreneur and start my own company. The first reason that I want to start a business to gain money and power through my business. Through my reading experience, I have realized that only small amount of people is controlling the economy, society and even…show more content…
I tried to participate in lots of activities because I want to quickly adapt myself to the life at USC. I joined several clubs which include Scuba dive club, Pingpong club, dance club and religious club. I joined these clubs is not only because I am interested in them, I also want to know more people at USC and build my networking. I believe that as a business student, I should get to build a strong network. Furthermore, I also join the Ascend USC Chapter which is a business club. It connects me to the professionals in different career fields. It also teaches us interview skills and business skills. I have also applied to be an officer at Chinese Student Association. In this group, I wrote articles to advertise our activities to attract students. Our goal is to enrich Chinese international students since they are in a foreign country, they might feel lonely or helpless sometimes. Therefore, I feel happy if I can do anything to help my…show more content…
I applied for financial aid which I thought it could cover my rent and my tuition, but it was not. Therefore, I have to take out loans to pay for tuition and my rent which are so expensive as well as my monthly expenses. I would have so much debt after I graduated, and I feel stressed because only my mother works. That is the reason that I am taking five classes in the first semester because I want to graduate sooner to eliminate expenses and help my family. I understand that being a person in a normal family shouldn't choose a private school because of the expensive tuition, but I think USC is a great school for business, and I don't want to miss this chance. I just hope that it would pay off at the

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