What Is Wrong In Society Essay

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Wrong in Society Today, there are endless wrongs in society, many overlooked and many that are commonly worked with by groups of people. However, one major wrong that needs to be evaluated is, the discrimination against low income families in the United States in the admittance to college. Millions of students attend universities, but lately, a majority of these students tend to be part of a middle or upper class family, and tons of lower-class students aren’t able to attend college because the price is far too expensive for their families to afford. This is a huge problem, and needs to be recognized and acted on by society because many lower class students are being denied the opportunity to better their education simply because they were born into a poor family, Based on studies done, 55% of bachelor’s degrees awarded in the United States were students from the top quartile families, and only 9.4% were given to students with a family income of below $33.000. (Fisher) This 9.4% consists of students who transcend expectations and work…show more content…
With these taxes that are collectected many universities spend it on two main things; scholarships, and advancing the schools technology (Dreier). Of course new technology is often needed to keep a college in good standing, but these scholarship funds can be used to help poor families cover the costs of admissions. This is one aspect of the general topic that can be very easily changed with the help of congress passing a law. Financial aid should be given based on an overall household income, so each family will have the same chance on sending students to college. However, this may be looked at as unfair by the students who transcend expectations, and work extremely hard to earn scholarships but if public universities cut 50% of athletic scholarships, the money saved would help many low income families with tuition
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