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Currently, I am a sophomore in Control Engineering and Automation at School of Electrical Engineering, Hanoi University of Technology and Science (HUST). When I was in the 7th grade, I wished to become a student of HUST. At the time, my knowledge and understanding of science – technology, specifically on issues related to Electrical industry, is very limited. I love it because I admire my uncle. My uncle was a student in Civil Engineering. Right from when he became a student and the period of thereafter, when he went out to work, with his accomplishments, he was loved and respected by all. It is also the ideal model that I strive to pursue: Trying to become an electrical engineer with broad knowledge and capital to receive the affection from everyone.…show more content…
It was my dad's unfinished dream. Nearly 30 years ago, my father also faced the opportunity to become a student of HUST, but because of difficult economic conditions, he had to put aside that dream. He enlisted as a soldier and became a teacher at a military school latterly. My mother is a doctor at a local medical station. I have a sister in 5th grade this year. With low wages, my parents always try to worry that we have the same learning conditions as their friends. Since I also loved HUST, Dad has supported and urged me to study. The family has supported me so much that I can focus on studying in elementary, middle school, high school, and now the university. I feel luckier than some people because of not to worry about tuition and living expenses. But now my parents are not as young as heretofore. Two years is not too long period of time, which enough to make me matured by the sweat of my parents. I myself have a self -aware that: It's time to start self-determination! And of which the self-pay

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