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Teaching has always been one of the noblest professions I really look up to. When I was a child, I always thought of teaching people regardless of their age, gander, or race. That is the main reason why I always take opportunities when I was in high school that offers an avenue to teach kids, most of the time, and to conduct workshops and seminars to high school leaders. Since then, I only have a little knowledge in conducting any teaching events—workshops, leadership training, and classroom teaching. Thus, although being aware of the activities and teaching styles that are not effective for the learners, I tend to ignore and stick with what I have experienced during my time. Speech 181 has taught me a lot to improve not only my teaching and…show more content…
I believe that through reading more related materials and articles would inspire me to do better on my future endeavors. Just like what we did in class, reading journals and articles helped us identify some concepts that are really helpful in mounting a workshop or simply in teaching. Reading would also widen my mind as I look into the teaching world. However, expanding my knowledge and ideas should not be limited through reading. Thus, it is important to immerse myself further to the teaching world both on the shoe of the students and the teachers. I believe that through immersion I would be given an avenue to observe and to somehow experience an actual workshop or teaching experience. Through this, I would be able to envision my own workshop or teaching experience. Lastly, the most important part is being true to your profession whether teaching is just for experience or for job. It is important to fully put your heart in whatever you are doing. An honest experience, at first I always thought that whatever we are doing in our 181 class is just for the grades. However, as the days pass by, as experiences grow fonder, I have realized that teaching is something I look forward doing. When I have finally put my full and genuine intention of educating the students without thinking of the grades already, it is only then I have feel the fulfillment in teaching. Thus, I would be consistently true to whatever I am doing especially in teaching, in my future workshop

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