My Interest In Computer Science

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After 3 years joining the industry while pursuing my undergraduate degree in BINUS University, one of the leading computer science universities in Indonesia, I have decided to continue my academic study in Stanford CS Master program. This decision was not merely on a basis in continuing my study, but also as the next step towards achieving my future goal in creating my own company. Starting a successful and sustainable company has always been my future goal since I entered my undergraduate years. A technology company that focuses on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence as its primary business service. I believe that continuing my academic study in graduate school with strong academic research on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, and at the same time actively participated in the related research will prepare me with the essential skills needed in achieving this goal. My preparation since undergraduate study and working experience have exposed me to not only the fundamental principles but also the implementation of the technology in solving daily business’ problems. Academic settings introduced me to wide range of subjects in Computer Science…show more content…
Not satisfied with the theory learned from the class, I actively sought additional learning outside the class. Joining online courses is one of my favorite ways in seeking more information and better understanding towards not only my academic interest in Computer Science, but also in other fields which I am fascinated in. Psychology and medical are, beside my long enthusiasm in Computer Science, two of the fields which I find challenging and important to be grasped. My lifelong learning and assiduous attitude, together with my mental aptitude, make me confident that I can succeed in pursuing Master degree in Stanford CS

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