What Is Rasud's Influence On African American Students

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Rashaud Kates is an African American high school student from southern coast of Georgia. He was starting his senior year in his neighborhood, which it is a quiet and safe area. His parents had divorced and he has older siblings. His father is a former U. S. Marine and worked with law enforcement training center. His mother was a housekeeper, and worked at his church. He is a high achieving student, who cares about his grades because his future depends on that, and his parents were very proud of him. Rashaud was involved in many extra curricular activities as basketball team, and Future Business Leaders of America Club. His high school population was very diverse (55% of White, 42% of Black, and small percentage of Hispanics, Native of American and Asian students). Even though it was part of the “crisis in Black education”. Several studies showed his school with unequal learning opportunities for African American students due to access to qualified teachers, racial bias, and cultural alienation in curriculum and instructions.…show more content…
Rashaud was proud of his culture and background, but he knew it was difficult to be a good student when everyone thinks you are a bad person and student. The high school teachers had very high expectations on African American students, since they thought they were all bad. Rashaud had to overcome this racial bias from his teachers. He didn’t act like as everyone else, he was just himself, and worked his ways to make the teachers understand that. His advice to all African American boys in the school was “be you (don’t act), work and study hard, and be focused”. He had many good teachers that he learned lots of from them. Many of these teachers were fun, strict, caring, and visionary and some were there to help him on his grades and others just to be on him. He believed on students’ participation on decisions in the school curriculum, and other administrative

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