Evaluating Interpersonal Communication Competence

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Self-assessment is important because it provides opportunity to evaluate myself and develop my personal abilities. Spitzberg & Cupach (1984) created a self-assessment that people can use this assessment to evaluate the interpersonal communication competence. My overall score for this self-assessment is 49. This essay is summary and reaction to the outcome of the self-assessment. Spitzberg & Cupach’s Model of Communication Competence In the term of motivation, I get 22 points. Base on the description, this score means that I often want to involve in the conversations and social situations, and my motivation is affected by my goals and confidence. I agree with this outcome and it is important for me to involve in the conversations; however,…show more content…
This score may be higher for me because I think I am adaptable and have abilities to change my behaviors in most situations. The score in the conversational involvement is 6. I agree with this score and I am often at loss for words when I try to involve a conversation. My score for the conversation management is 7. The score is same as my expected. According to the Preston (n.d), controlling conversation allows people lead conversation in their direction to meet their goal. When I talk with other people, I would not control or change the topic because I am not strong-minded person. My score for the empathy is 9. I am a quite person who does not like to talk much, and I am a good listener. When other people tell me about their situation, it is not hard for me to understand their situation because I often listen carefully and would not interrupt them. However, I am not good at show others that I understand them. The score for the effectiveness is 8. I think effectiveness is important for doing everything, so I usually get straight to the points when I have conversation with others. I do not quite agree with middle level in the term, and the score may be higher for

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