Personal Narrative: The Signs Of My Mom

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I see the signs my mom is showing me, telling me it’s time for dinner. “ok”, I sign back. Every single day for the past seven years I think in the back of my head, the sounds that I actually used to be able to hear. I want to be able to listen to music, I want to be able to watch a movie or T.v. show and not have to read the little captions, and more than ever, I want to speak. My mom loves me, and she cares about me, but she doesn’t really KNOW me. She acts like she does and she tries so hard to be a good mother, but being a single parent with a kid that is deaf and that she has to take care of twentyfour-seven, it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do.My mom, she does so much for me, and there isn’t really anything I can do. I’m fifteen, which means I can’t drive anywhere, which also means I can’t get a job without my mom having to drive me to work everyday. And not being able to talk, I can’t use the phone. So right after I became deaf, which i’ll go into more detail later, my dad just left my mom and I to live on our own. My mom had quit her job to take care of me after we found out because I was eight at the time. Now my mom has a new job and we…show more content…
I started having these really bad headaches and migraines, and they never went away. The doctors tried every medicine in their disposal to try and fix me, and nothing worked. Then one morning, I woke up, feeling a lot better, and realized it was very dark, and I couldn’t really hear much. I looked at the t.v. noticing that it was on, and instantly grabbed the remote. I turned the volume almost all the way up, and still I heard nothing. I then screamed, and realized I was still not hearing. Days after that incident the doctors finally declared I was deaf, but the disease was gone. So, that’s how everything went down. I know it’s not the best thing in the world to hear, but you had to know

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