My Reflection Of Time

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Reflection of Time When one is asked to sum up the days on how they lived their life, one would certainly be ready to defend how and who they spent their time was justified. However, what if one was told they have a certain time to live what, how and with who would they spend the last days? As I reflect back on the days in which I spent my life during the time of this assignment, I wish I could have done more. Most of my days were spent at my place of work. My work schedule is Monday through Friday eight o’clock in the morning to four thirty in the evening. Namely, this is a basic day for me during the time of this assignment was during the winter break. I wake up at three am, say my prayers for the day, do my personal hygiene, dress and…show more content…
On Monday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursday and Friday, I undergo the roughest thing I thought I would have to face. That is chemotherapy, my body I exposed to anti-cancer drugs that one places all their hopes in surviving when we all know there is no cure for cancer. I then go to the recovering room where I am placed in a cool bath because my body is temperature is one-hundred and one and I am sweating buckets, in the addition to, the cool bath I throw up for hours until I have the strength to make my way home. Once I have made it home I cry for hours and lay down in my bed where again I say my prayers for making it back to the place where I started from. I try to eat something and open up my laptop and sign on to school in hopes I can sit up long enough to complete and discussion post or an assignment, most of time I do not make five minutes before I have to go to the bathroom and most of the time I do not make it and my son grown son makes it home to help clean me up and places me back in my bed and tell me how much I am his hero. On Christmas day I received a call stating my father’s mother passed away at Ridgewood Nursing Home, she bleeds to death. It took her one hour to bleed to death as a result of her removing her portal where she
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