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Paulsen, Gary. Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod. New York: Harcourt Brace, 1994. Print. 1.“The Chinese have a proverb that says that a man with a toothache cannot be in love and that concept was pretty much driving me” (2). Development of Main Idea: This quote is showing the bond between humans and animals, in other words a “man's best friend”. The proverb is generally saying that anything that hurts you cannot be loved. Even so the narrator is trying to prove it wrong with the love he has towards his dogs and the nature around him. Even if the dogs rip him to shreds, he can't stop but accepting that, that's who they are and he loves them for it. 2.“They might get me home but they might die even then... I couldn't allow that” (11).…show more content…
Especially if the human does not know them, how they react... They vary as much as people, and allowances must be made for individual personalities...” (213). Development of Main Idea: This quote leads to the ideas of the similarities between humans and animals, and the arrogance and merciless of humans. This quote shows that just like any human, animals are also different individually and each has their own personal preference. Not everything in this world is perfect, which is something humans fail to understand when working with something that doesn't apply to them, in this case working with a different species. Every living thing is their own individual being. 18.”He kicked with one of these boots and he did not kick simply to make the dog rise and run... And all the time he was kicking the dog. Not with the imprecision of anger...Kicks meant to kill” (216). Development of Main Idea: This quote leads to the idea of the villainous and foul acts of humans towards things that they are not concerned about or involved with. This scene proves the merciless soul some people have towards things that don't obey their orders. This quote signifies the cruelty of

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