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Team After reviewing the ASM documents, I feel a better about the ASM implementation process. As discussed earlier, the questions ASM has for Vera can be managed before the October 20th meeting. In the text before, I have present my suggestions for the implementation. Also within the text, there are a few outstanding questions I have regarding the implementation. My responses following the numbering system with the implementation project document. Accounts Options Implementation Options 1. Current Inventory In order to manage the current YAH inventory, the Clinical Ops team is planning to conduct a system-wide inventory count this Wednesday and Thursday. This will give us a sense of our current inventory and will allow the team…show more content…
Ordering Medications I agree with ASM proposed plan. The center and Area managers will serve as Vera’s Gatekeepers. As for the management of Formulary changes, all changes must be submitted to Dr. Feig for clinical approval. 3. Import Patient Demo My assumption is that Sarah C. is managing this aspect of the project. Question: Has Vera identified all of the data elements required for internal and external reporting? 4. Pharmacy Bags We will choose the paper bag option. Question: What will it take to have the Vera logo printed on the bags? 5. On Site installation No comment 6. Site Admin Clinical Ops will continue to serve in the role of site administrator. Katherine and Melinda will the main admins who will control user rights and permissions. If we can schedule the Admin University training for late next week, the OPS team will be available. Software…show more content…
10. Custom reports We need a summary of the canned reports within their system. YAH provided limited access to their reporting functionality. My assumption is that ASM has greater reporting capabilities. 11. Custom Logo Yes 12. Vital Signs Question: What are the data elements of the Vital sign reports? 13. User roles Yes. Currently, the YAH system has two user roles: user and manager. We need to create user roles for allied and nursing, providers, admins, and non-clinical admins. Account Establishment Options 17. Pack Size Yes. For the smaller clinics, we will need the ability to order smaller qualities of medications. This will also apply to clinics with the expanded formulary model. Identifying Special Scenarios 18. Handling Backorders The gatekeepers should be notified of back orders. 19. Formulary Discussions Dr. Feig has the authority to alter the formularies. 20. Price Changes Our current process is that Dr. Feig and I are notified when a medication price has increased. Ongoing efforts 22. Update and optimize formulary Let’s have ASM meet with Dr. Feig to start the formulary review

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