My Quest Research Paper

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Life is a quest in which the quester, with a stated reason, goes on a journey, facing obstacles such as dragons and dark knights, that shape the quester’s understanding of the real reason for the quest. Likewise, my life is a quest. I am a quester, whose quest to a foreign land involves a stated reason with obstacles that shaped my character and helped me understand the real reason for my quest in America. My quest began at age five, when my parents announced our move to “A-ma-rica.” Leaving me and my sisters in Korea with close relatives and friends, our parents went first to prepare a suitable living environment in America. The first dragon that I faced was the separation from my parents, which molded my reticent, introverted character. I felt ashamed and embarrassed to request my own needs. In school, I was the “wang-ta” (“loser”), and kids regularly bullied me based on my unchanging clothes,…show more content…
Thus, when it was finally time to go live with my parents, I was more than overjoyed to live a comfortable, normal life. However, my expectations were far from what I had imagined. While most immigrants come to America to pursue the “American Dream” and prosper, my family came here to suffer, since pain is an inevitable part of missionary life. Though we faced financial and cultural difficulties, I grew up healthy and ambitious. In just two years, I mastered English and made friends for the first time. However the economic recession in 2008 took away my mom’s nursing visa, leaving our family under an undocumented status. With our expired VISAs tagged along our parent’s work permits, insurances, and other legal documents. When I entered high school, disadvantages of an undocumented status became clear from everyday struggles. Though I continued to push forward, receiving honor rolls each semester
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