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Zachary Nasternak period 3 5/31/15 research paper Dr. Josef Mengele Dr. Josef Mengele was an SS officer in the most well-known camp in Auschwitz from 1943 to 1945. Dr. Josef Mengele was so dangerous he was given the nickname “The Angel of Death or The God of Auschwitz” (Posher & Ware). He is responsible for killing a substantial amount of people in this concentration camp. He is blamed for all of the people who died in the concentration camps that entered. Dr. Josef Mengele is a monster to people who were put into Auschwitz, hearing people’s screams from his experiments, and his mental ability to strike fear into anyone’s heart. He is the decider of life and death when you entered the camp. He betrayed his oath of a doctor…show more content…
He was persuaded to think that Germany was the best country in the world and believed in what Hitler was saying to his people and joined the Nazi party when he was still learning in medical school. He was very patriotic for his country and that is the reason why he joined World War Two. During this time when he was fighting he “worked on the Western Front as a medical officer” (Bülow). Mengele then was “badly wounded on the Font Line and was sent back to Germany” (Bülow). When he returned home he still wanted to participate in the war and “he volunteered to go to the concentration camp, he was sent to the death camp, Auschwitz. Dr. Josef Mengele, nicknamed “the Angel of Death”, became the surviving symbol of Adolf Hitler's “Final Solution”…show more content…
In his most notorious experiments, “Mengele worked with twins”. His experiments included the most twisted ever with examples of “sewing twins together and presenting them to their father or mother if they were still alive, changing their eye and hair color, changing body parts to see if they operate correctly on the other specimen”(“Angel Of Death: Josef Mengele”). People think that hat this man was mentally ill but tests show that he was normal. Mengele was very curios and “was highly ambitious” (“Did Josef Mengele Misuse his Medical Knowledge During the Holocaust?”). He looked at the Jews as an endless supply of material to try and expand his medical knowledge. He wanted to make himself one of the best doctors during the time. Mengele’s survivors of his experiments remember him treating them better because they were his test subjects and he needed healthy people to perform them. They remember him being the nicest but the most twisted. A survivor by the name of Eva Kor was one of Mengele’s test subjects. She was only ten years old. She remembers being separated from her family and being put in the bunks where the Jews live, only twins lived in this bunk/housing. She remembers that she was injected with a deadly chemical and was on her death bed. He remembers making a promise to herself and to her sister that she would survive and did everything in her power to fight his chemical that Mengele

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