Joe The Cat Zoe's Smart Phone Script Analysis

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- Scene 1 Cast: Zoe the Cat, Zoe's Smart Phone (Phone) Scene: In Zoe's house - Zoe: The mail is here! I shall go get it. (Goes out of her house and comes back with a stack of papers. She begins reading them off and throwing them on a table.) Zoe: Land tax, gas tax, sales tax, income tax, litter box tax, gas bill, water bill, electric bill, taxes for paying taxes, taxes for paying taxes for paying taxes, rental car bill, this bill, that bill... Hey! What's this? It's from EDUCATION ACADEME! (Rips envelope open and begins to read aloud.) Dear Undereducated Young Adult Feline, We invite you to experience our new expansion to our massive campus grounds. Our newest expansion includes better accommodation…show more content…
--- (Cats, Ham, and Pegasus go to the blackjack tables. Looks of hate towards Pegasus are on their faces. Don Quixote approaches.) Don Quixote: Hola ma'am. Zoe: Who are you? Don Quixote: Excuse me? That's no way to sass the great Don Quixtoe. Kelly: Sorry for her rudeness. What do you want? Don Quixote: I want to play team blackjack with you. Klinkal: On who's team? The sassy cat or the ugly horse? Don Quixote: Pegasus, my old friend... I'll play on your team. Pegasus: Alright mate, let's go play some team blackjack. (All settle into a table.) Ham: I'll be dealer and announcer. (For the rest of the game, ham dictates what happens.) Pegasus: Let's begin ROUND 2 of are war. Zoe: Ok, losers. Ham: Alright let's make this a fair match. I would make you shake hands... but only one of you actually has hands. BEGIN! (Ding noise.) Ham: Place your bets. (Teams discuss quietly, then place bets.) Ham: Zoe's team bets 5, Pegasus bets ALL IN Ham: (Dealing.) Zoe gets a card, Peggy gets a card, Zoe gets a face-up card, Peggy gets a face up card. (Teams look at

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