Medichek Case Summary

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As a consultant, I will convince Northwell upper management what I believe are the important issues that Northwell should address. After critically analyzing the situation there are many problems that need to be change. Assuming I am a management consultant whom Northwell has hired me to review their situation and to make recommendations that will best benefit the company. As a consultant I analyzed a lack of experience, poor management and unacceptable performance of medichek. In the case study of Northwell Inc. and Medichek the need for change is evident based on the problems created from the attempted joint undertaking among the two. Two years ago, Northwells stockholders were very dissatisfied with cost containment and markets expansion…show more content…
They said they were disappointed about the progress of the project and requested to see results, especially because the $4.5 million they have invested the company.Strategic framework is needed in building a suitable framework for the business to function under is an important part of accomplishment. It benefits the organization to stay on course and make the right choices. After reading the case the framework was unsuccessful, or Claudia and Nathan failed to apply the framework. The circumstance that a number of good workers resigned, one major distributor left, and the project is failure, all specify that an analysis of the important framework is overdue. By recognizing the needed change and then making it well-suited with the company through a change framework, modification can be effective and helpful. Claudia needs to find ways to have a course of action among stakeholders to get the project back on track. They must understand that $4.5 million has already been used up on the project and a deficiency of speed has slowed progress and will only end up costing extra. Furthermore, the risk of remaining with the present course could be more damaging to investor frustration, tensions among the corporations, distributor concerns, and employee retention. The development has to be completed as fast as possible, even if it costs more than anticipated to do…show more content…
An operational way to do this is by using the tool such as GAP analysis. There is visibly a gap amongst the progresses of the project at its planned completion date. According to the article, Claudia is told by senior management to find a solution to the issue and report back. They are not pleased with the present state of matters and want things to be done. By this point, Claudia needs to suggest to increasing the employment of those working on the online mall. There is a solid disagreement to be had that more experts working on the mall will upsurge the speediness at which problems are fixed and ultimately it will be completed. In the end the important issues that need to solved, I recommend simply solution reinstated, make surveys in and out of the project, draw a picture of the gaps existing, ask for more investment, sincerely communicate with Medichek, open the process to internal. Show staffs the details and reduce concerns about the future. Carefully observe on every step of change. These actions are recommend and should be taken in order to better the

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