Anesthesiologist Career Paper

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The future to success is to search on what you are good at, on what gives you passion to continue studying. Medical Field for example is one of the most popular between kids of all the ages, if you ask a 5 years old kid what he want to be when he grow up, there’s a big chance that he’s going to answer that he wants to be a Doctor, my pathway is mostly on Medicine so here is a breakdown on the careers that get my attention the most. Anesthesiology, is the branch of medicine specializing in the use of drugs or other agents that cause insensibility to pain. To become an anesthesiologist is needed to attend a four year undergraduate program and most enroll in a pre-medicine or another science-concentrated program, though it’s not required. Anesthesiologist…show more content…
Anesthesiologists are one of the best paid on the medical field, earning an average salary of $274,545 annually. The benefits of being an anesthesiologist are that Anesthesiologist are very transportable. There is always the need for a good anesthesiologist, they don’t usually work with their patients, so this means that at the end of the day an anesthesiologist can go home and return to work at their next surgical rotation. They are able to take longer vacations (paid vacations), work less hours since they don’t have ties to patients beyond the anesthetic…show more content…
After Medical School aspiring Neurosurgeons need to pass the Medical Licensing Exam (the test can be taken right after medical school, or within the first part of residency program). Is also needed a year of hospital internship followed by a 6 to 8 years of Neurosurgical residency, during those years Neurosurgeons learn how to manage patients, they will work alongside licensed surgeons learning skills that will assist them later in their careers. The total of years to become a Neurosurgeon are around 14 to 16 years of study. Along with Anesthesiologist, Neurosurgeons are also one of the best paid of the medical field, earning a total of $240,440USD. The best schools that offer the best programs for Neurosurgical science are UCSF Medical School, Yale University School of Medicine, Univeristy of Miami, and the Univeristy of Pittsburg and the benefits of being a Neurosurgeon

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