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What would the world be like if the Snicker Candy Bar never existed? Thankfully, you do not have to think of that horrible world thanks to Frank Mars. Frank Mars knew what he wanted to be at an early age. But he did not know he and his son would change the world, as we know it. Frank Mars was the founder of the legendary Mars Inc. Frank Mars was born September 24 1883 in Newport, MN. When he was a young child, he had polio and could not walk. He learned the family recipe for fudge and peanut brittle. He went to Breck High school in Worthington, MD. After high school, he married Ethel Skissack in 1902. That same year he started his first bakery, selling better cream candles. Two years later had his only child, Forrest Mars. In 1910 he and Ethel divorced. Later that same year he married Ethel Healy.…show more content…
Two years later the Mar-O-Bar was made. He changer the name of the company to Mars Inc. in 1929 they also moved there head office to Chicago the same year. Their successes began in the 1930 and grow over 500% growth the following year. Frank hired his son Forrest in 1932, but after a year of fights over candy ideas. In the middle of the there fights they made the world famous Snicker bar, which was named after a beloved horse the family, had. The Three Musketeers was Frank’s last big candy break out in 1934. Soon after he retied he started buying land. By the time of his death he owned over 2000 arcer of land. He died on April 8

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