The Unusual And Reverse Narrative Film Memento

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The unusual and reverse narrative film, Memento, is structured in a unique way that interprets how the audience and the main character can think alike. The film is shown in a reverse chronological order starting from the last event to ending as how the first event came to happen. Although this structure can be somewhat confusing to the audience, one can relate to the main character, Leonard Shelby’s, “condition”. After a particular incident involving two murderers and the killing of his wife, Leonard suffered from a severe brain injury; which then lead to his short-term memory condition. Throughout the movie, the audience is shown short segments of events that which Leonard remembers, then he shortly forgets before the next scene. Leading up to the beginning of the actual story, the audience solves the mystery of the murder at the start of the film and presumes the use of some outside characters that manipulate Leonard because of his condition. The film…show more content…
These close ups are mostly shown when the camera is in the view of Leonard’s site, such as when he is looking at his polaroids. In a few of his polaroids, Leonard writes reminders about what each picture is about. On the back of the picture of Teddy, Leonard wrote, “Don’t believe his lies.” This foreshadows Leonard’s trust with the character throughout the film and ending with why Leonard wrote that comment in the first place. Another example of close shots is seen from examining Leonard’s tattoos. All over his body, Leonard tattoos specific clues to help him find the murderer of his wife. These tattoos mostly demonstrate clues, but signify how Leonard must use a conditioning routine to help him from being influenced by outside figures abusing his memory loss. “Facts, not memories. That’s how you investigate. I know it’s what I used to

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