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Before coming into this class, I watched television without having an open mind on all the different aspects that go into television making. Now every time I watch television, my mind is aware of all the different aspects. Some of the aspects that I analyze while watching television are the polysemy, structure and visual sound and style of a program. The non-narrative program that I viewed on my television is Beyond Scared Straight, season 9 episode 9, which airs on the A & E channel. The original airdate and time is August 20th, 2015 at 9pm. In this episode of Beyond Scared Straight there are many meanings that are represented. One meaning is jail is an extremely scary place to be for troubled teens and that corrections officers are…show more content…
The first shot is a medium close up one of the female juvenile teens arguing with one of the inmates. This shot was important because you can clearly see how angry the teen is. The next shot is a close up on one of the teen’s shoes. The purpose of this shot was to show the viewer the teen’s rainbow colored shoelace and in the background you can hear the inmates laughing at the teen. Another shot is a close up on one of the female teens turning her head and staring at one of the inmates as he is yelling. This shot is important because you can see how scared the teen is. Another shot is an extreme close up on a corrections officer’s hand as he loosens the fist of one of the male teens. I noticed that a majority of the shots that were taken were close up shots, which was purposeful because this was the segment where the inmates were in the teens faces…show more content…
The setting of this segment is in a lounge area of the jail where the exterior of the lounge is full of rooms for the prisoners and the center of the lounge is the dining area for the prisoners. Which shows the viewer that jail is not a luxurious place to be. The costumes that were in this segment are all the female teens had yellow colored jumpsuits and all the male teenagers had orange colored jumpsuits. The male inmates had orange colored jumpsuits with a white undershirt and black sandals. The officers inside were dressed in black shirts and brown pants. The costume in this segment indicates to the viewers that if you go to jail you don’t get to choose what type of clothing you get to wear. The lighting in this segment is neutral or cool, there is a low key light, which again shows that jail is a dark place to be with no sunlight. There are a lot of actor movements in this segment. The inmates move from side to side as they yell at each teen and the officers move along with the inmate. What this tells the viewer is that in jail you will have no personal space and that someone will be in your face all the time. The mode of production that was used during this segment was multiple camera. The advantages of using multiple cameras are, you can see multiple angles and multiple reactions and the camera covers more area. The negatives of having multiple camera

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