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Slippery Slope is small events that lead to a chain reaction of events that leads to unintended consequences that were unforeseen at the time. The analogical short story, “The Metaphor” by Budge Wilson, demonstrates the impact significant events have on an individual’s ability to determine their own destiny because one may be influenced by people’s opinions and ambitions, In the story, Charlotte was influenced mostly by her mother. Charlotte mother is a very cold woman; she is very professional on the outside and likes to keep things orderly and clean. She expects Charlotte to follow in her steps and do exactly as she is told. With her mother being very unsupportive while her teacher, Miss Hancock, being a motherly role model, it confuses charlotte on what she wants and what she…show more content…
I can easily relate to this because I too feel lost without a way in the world and without a determined direction. I’m unsure of what I want to become or what I want to in my future. However I’m completely content and fine with it. The thing is my parents, my friends and my teachers are not fine with it, they have these expectations, these goals, for me to live by. My parents, being immigrants from Vietnam, constantly demand hard work and determination. They lecture on me and my sister to be successful and to find a high-paying job from a small selection that they have. They shut me down when I tell them I want to become a businessman, police or etc. because it is too risky. My entire life they’ve taught me all my life to study hard, and to get a good job, that's their definition of success. They don't like to see the tangled life I have right now, yet they fail to see that I am perfectly content; I like the way my life is right now just fine. I enjoy living in the moment and living by the words “Carpe Diem.” This is similar to Charlotte how

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