My Experience: The Hardest Day Of My Life

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Blood is thicker than water, until you don’t recognize the blood anymore. One moment, they are there; smiling, laughing, playing. The next they are gone, although they could still be sitting right next to you. She was emotionless; confused. My own sister couldn’t look at me in the eyes anymore and say, “I’m fine.” She just didn’t have the strength. That May afternoon might have been the most difficult day of my life. Not because of a friend, or a teacher, or even my parents; But because of years of silence finally reaching a breaking point. I had just finished the school day. I was waiting for the Fine Arts Festival practice to start while a message played on the loudspeaker, “Genesis Vargas, please report to the office.” I paced myself, thinking that the message had to do with my attendance at the practice, and that it would be held somewhere else. But once I arrived, the administration had anything…show more content…
I had to remember that I am not the only one who was facing these challenges. You need to stay positive and hope for the best out of everything. Most importantly, you need to accept help from others, whether or not you think it will be effective. Just one encounter can change all of your views. So don’t turn down any opportunities that might come your way. Depression and self harm can be different for everyone, but it is never easy to cope with it. Reminders of the hardships can bring back a gloomy feeling. I look at my whole family different now. We watch out for each other and show our love and affection more often. My sister and I are now as close as we’ve ever been. The scars are still there. They bleed hurtful memories and a troubled past for me and the rest of us who experienced my sister’s situation together. If there is one lesson I have learned from the time after that May afternoon, is that love and acceptance within a family can make all the

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