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In this context, ‘local’ is the sense of belonging from a particular area and looking into being Singaporean also considering those who have stayed in Singapore for a long time. Which also meant that they grew, adapt and got influenced by the uniquely Singaporean culture and the way of living. They can be subjectively seen as a Singaporean as their living habits are adopted from the citizens. The food they enjoy eating, foot that are standing on the same ground and for some to even speak Singlish ‘fluently’. With all of that being said and defining what local is in this context, so does local mean, Singaporean grown? After defining the point of whether local has to be Singaporean grown, the article will discuss more on Singapore’s search…show more content…
In this case, the stand is yes. Local in this case has to be Singaporean grown. How can one be attached to, take pride of something when it’s not home grown? Take for example, The Olympics, as stated in the online article, Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs (Ortmann, Stephan, 2009), In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Singapore’s table tennis team played against the Chinese team in the final match. Unfortunately, Singapore lost, but still was able to clinch on a silver medal, which was the first Olympic silver medal ever since the year1960. While the political leadership and higher ups as well as the media were happily congratulated and celebrated this victory, as the citizens of the country the citizens should be proud and celebrating this victory but they did not. Majority of them were less than enthusiastic, the citizens did not felt the same way as what the leaders felt. Reason behind was that the members representing Singapore in the Olympic team were namely, Li Jiawei, Wang Yuegu and Feng Tianwei. One common thing is that all the three of them had been won over by our government in its bid to attract foreign talents and in this case, became naturalised citizens only two years ago. This clearly…show more content…
In an attempt to create a and redefining Singapore’s local identity, the local artist and designers, are encompassing the old cultures and nostalgic elements to showcase what is Singapore all about and from there hoping to use nostalgia and the old cultures to create a Singapore design flavour. However, these culture and nostalgia elements would not last as a significant figure for Singapore’s design identity. Firstly, reason being that there is an overwhelming influence from the imports and external factors causing it to be ever-changing. Next, the old culture is something that would eventually cease to exist especially in the case of this fast-moving city. Singapore is just like a blank canvas that is ready to be painted and filled, and that the new generation of creators is eagerly defining it. Unlike most of the other modern cities, Singapore isn’t being weighed down by too much of cultural baggage. Since the start of the search of a Singapore design culture, artist, students and designers back then have difficulties finding hard to find inspirations for their works and as a young country, Singapore have very little culture and history to offer these people in need. As stated in the book, Cheng (Universality, 2007), states that a typical Singaporean designer/artist who are born

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